About Us

The objectives of Thai Tuna Industry Association are as follows:

  1. To promote the enterprises who produce and trade tuna goods and all fishery products in packaging forms.
  2. To encourage and assist the members in solving problems as well as negotiating agreement with outsiders for common interest of the object enterprises.
  3. To provide statistical data in both academic and commercial sections related to the operation of the object enterprises.
  4. To monitor the movement of related trading market both inside and outside country, exchange and disseminate academic and trading information, and do researches in relevant with the object enterprises in order to benefit whole members.
  5. To encourage and support the researches so as to improve the members’producing method for better quality and standard.
  6. To collaborate with government to fix, develop, and support trading, industry, financial, or any other business connected to TTIA’s objectives.
  7. To make an agreement and set rules and omissions for the members to follow so that all member can work together peacefully.
  8. To negotiate operating issues between member against member and member against outsider. However, the judgment must be neutral and under the limit of the association’s procedure.
  9. To make the association as a unity among all members.
  10. The association does not intend for political action.