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Vision and Mission

TTIA’s Vision and Mission



  1. To ensure that Thai Tuna Industry Association will be able to enhance sustainable growth to Thai tuna processors.
  2. To promote that Thai tuna industry association’s members shall comply with the international rules and regulations so as to gain acceptance from its worldwide customer in more than 200 countries.


  1. To encourage the sustainable use of tuna resources and to support legal fishing activities.
  2. To promote the quality assurance system, in collaboration with both government and private laboratories. In order to assure that Thai tuna products are a source of safe high quality protein for human consumption.
  3. To comply with Thai and international rules and regulations and be proactive with Thai government in order to negotiate with its foreign counterparts in order to amend and reduce unfair tariff and non-tariff treatments.
  4. To promote and support international ethical standards vis-à-vis our Thai and migrant workers.
  5. To develop and cooperate with our tuna suppliers worldwide, in terms of quantity and quality, in order to assure that Thai tuna processors will have sufficient high quality raw material to produce safe tuna products for the world.
  6. To serve as a global information center for our Thai tuna processors in the areas of tuna consumption, tuna supply situation and new tuna products development.