Ethical Standard

TTIA’s members have signed onto the commitment to comply with TTIA Ethical Labour Practice - Code of Conduct on Workers consisting of 8 items. Besides, they have carried out as the requirements of the buyers’ ethical standards with annual audits


TTIA Report on Countering Child Labour, Forced Labour and Human Trafficking


Labor Public Relations

Ship to shore rights project website.

Fishery Public Relations

Fishery Improvement Project Guidance: FIPs

International Standard of Fisheries



The Thai Tuna Industry Association supports sustainable use of fishery resources comply with universal principles


Food Safety

TTIA Members produce products in accordance with food safety principles. It is controlled from raw materials to storage of food by using the GMP and HACCP.


Food Safety Regulation


Food Safety Public Relations

TTIA’s Guideline Quality Standard
For Frozen Raw Tuna 2016